how to get an engineering degree

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Engineering is a broad STEM discipline that’s concerned with applying scientific theories to the design and formation of technical solutions. According to PayScale, 11 of the 15 highest-paying bachelor’s degrees belong to the engineering field for strong ROI. Engineering is a very diverse major with over 40 sub-specialties to choose from. Whether you’re starting a bachelor’s or finishing a doctorate, the following are popular types of engineering degrees.

Mechanical Engineering – From airplanes and automobiles to generators, mechanical engineering degrees build the skills to manufacture and test complex machinery.

Electrical Engineering – As the field’s largest sub-specialty, electrical engineering degrees teach students to design wiring systems and circuits that transmit power.

Civil Engineering – Degrees in civil engineering prepare engineers to develop construction projects for sound roads, buildings, dams, and other vital infrastructure.

Computer Engineering – In today’s digital world, computer engineering degrees are important for producing engineers who design and develop high-tech hardware or software.

Petroleum Engineering – Studying petroleum engineering will equip graduates to design innovative strategies for extracting oil and gas from underground wells for energy.

Biomedical Engineering – Projecting rapid growth by 23 percent, biomedical engineering trains students to design medical innovations that improve patient quality of life.

Engineering Management – At the master’s level, engineering management degrees instill the leadership traits needed to plan and coordinate projects with technical personnel.

These are just a few of the engineering degree types available at ABET-accredited schools across the United States. Consider taking this quiz to determine what type of engineer you should become.