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Phone vs. Text vs. E-mail

What type of person are you?

Yes:”The only way to do business aside from in person.”
Sort-of:”It is easier to understand nuances, humor, and intonation.”
No:”Ugh, it’s so stressful having to actually talk to someone. A phone call is an invasion of privacy.”

Yes:”Easiest and most convenient by far.”
Sort-of:”That’s a lot of typing on a small keyboard.”
No: “What’s texting? So unprofessional.”

Yes:”Very clear, easy, and always have a record of the convo.”
Sort-of: “Well you can respond when it’s convenient.”
No: “What’s email? It’s hard to tell what people really mean.”

It probably depends on your generation

The Young Ones
43% of 18-24 y.o.’s think texting is just as meaningful as a face to face conversation.
42% of teenagers say texting is the main reason they own a phone.

Millennials prefer emails and texts to other forms of communication.
29% of Millennials think in person meetings are effective vs. 45% of Boomers

[% of generations that use cell to text]
Millennial: 88%
Gen X: 77%
Boomer: 51%
Silent: 9%

Median # of texts in the last 24 hours of
Millennial: 20
Gen X: 12
Boomer: 5
And at the extreme: Teenagers: 50
It’s part of an ‘always connected’ youth culture.

[% of generations that sleep with their phone]
Gen X: 68%