If managing the hustle and bustle of events such as concerts and sporting events sounds exciting to you then getting your degree in travel and tourism may be your answer to ultimate career bliss. 

Accredited Online Colleges For Travel And Tourism

Selecting the perfect college in our list of top 30 accredited online colleges for travel and tourism is the first step in a financially rewarding and fun career you actually look forward to waking up to each morning. You read that right, a managerial career in travel and tourism can pay off in more than the high energy atmosphere as individuals in these careers can earn substantial incomes. So, yeah, I’m telling you that getting a travel and tourism career could be the best decision you didn’t make.. until now!

Featured Programs

What Will You Learn With a Travel and Tourism Degree? 

If you think that it would be a piece of cake to be a manager in the travel and tourism industry and that education and training are not needed, think again! Events and businesses are complex and those managing these entities need to have a thorough understanding of what goes into a smooth operating event. It precisely because of the education and training of those in the travel and tourism industry that makes the experiences of these events and destinations seem so smooth and natural. 

We mentioned businesses above because a solid business foundation is essential for individuals in this field. After all, events, travel, and tourism are all businesses that hopefully make money for the business owners. The other skillset often taught in these programs is the management of different kinds of events, each of which has its own unique challenges and obstacles to organized smooth operation. Finally, most of the travel and tourism programs reviewed below have incorporated into them an internship or real-world experience in the industry. Nothing truly drives home the gap between theory and how things really happen than performing the job for an extended period. 

What Are the Best Accredited Online Colleges For Travel and Tourism Degrees?

Accredited Online College uses the most recent data from the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. Each program is scored individually. It’s then compared to all other universities offering that degree to determine the final score you see by each ranking. Accredited Online College considers the affordability, student-to-faculty ratio, and the number of programs offered on-campus and online. To learn more, visit our methodology page. 

Ashford University

Ashford University

Ashford University is a school that from its very beginning catered to the non-traditional student wanting to advance their existing careers or start a new career. The Bachelor of Arts in service management degree program is ideal for individuals wanting a broad education in the service industry while receiving specialized courses in subjects ranging from resort management to non-profit agency management. 

The Bachelor of Arts in service management is a 120 credit hour program, of which 90 credit hours can be transferred from another accredited university. Students who choose this program can pick between a specialization in non-profit enterprise management, hospitality enterprise management, restaurant enterprise management, and mass-market retail enterprise management. The core curriculum focuses on building a solid business knowledge base. This is an entirely online program, so don’t worry about having to travel periodically to its main location.

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Ashford University here.


East Carolina University

East Carolina University gives its students the power to direct their educational journey by allowing them the choice of concentrating in lodging management, food and beverage management, or convention and special event management. The lodging management and the food and beverage management concentration may be particularly suited for students wanting to make their name in the travel and tourism field. 

The foundational curriculum consists of 42-credit hours of coursework which includes a course in Principles of Microeconomics and Applied Mathematics for Decision Making. The Bachelor of Science in hospitality management has a common core curriculum that is composed of 45-semester hours of coursework. Each specialization consists of seven courses and students will have the ability to pursue a business administration minor with an additional 24-semester hours of work. The entire program is 126-semester hours in length and students in this major are required to complete all hospitality management courses with a minimum of a C or greater.

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at East Carolina University here.

Florida International University

Florida International University

The online Bachelor of Science in hospitality management is offered through the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, a well-respected division of Florida International University. This is a 120-credit hour program designed to teach students everything they need to know to make a successful career in the hospitality management and travel and tourism sector. This is a top-notch program and it’s not only us that think this—the school was ranked as the Best College for Hospitality Management in Florida in 2020 by CollegeFactual.com. 

Students that decide to pursue their educational goals with Florida International University can choose to concentrate their studies in hospitality management in beverage management, hotel/lodging management, restaurant/culinary management, entertainment management, event management, spirits management, or travel and tourism management. Each of the concentration areas consists of four courses designed to teach students the specialized knowledge needed to make a career out of their passion. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Florida International University here.


Washington State University

The Bachelor of Arts in hospitality business management can trace its roots back to the 1930s when the school’s hospitality program was first founded. The degree program prepares students with real-life experience while giving them the business knowledge to take advantage of opportunities that are likely to come their way. While working toward their degree students work 1,000 hours in the hospitality industry and the best part is that this work experience is paid. This work experience also provides an opportunity to network with future employers that may be offering you that first job upon graduation. 

The BA in hospitality business management is a 120-credit hour program and the program is part of the Carson College of Business which is an AACSB-accredited program. The hospitality business management program requires that students take 25 credit hours in this area of study, which equals nine classes. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Washington State University here.

University of Utah

University of Utah

The University of Utah’s College of Health offers students the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in sustainable tourism and hospitality management (ST&HM). This degree opens doors for graduates to pursue a career in tourism marketing and enterprise, hospitality management, sustainable tourism management, and adventure and nature-based tourism. This bachelor’s degree consists, like most bachelor’s, of 120 credit hours of study. 

One of the things that separates this degree program from others thus far reviewed is that while pursuing this degree students can choose to complete a hospitality operations certificate program offered by the American Hotel and Lodging Association. The certificate program consists of eight courses upon the completion of which students are awarded an internationally recognized certificate. Internships are available for those wanting to seize opportunities and work in places like Walt Disney World ® Resort. International study abroad programs in this major are also available to students. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at University of Utah here.

Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University

Students wanting the freedom of a liberal arts curriculum combined with hospitality-specific coursework should consider the Bachelor of Science in hotel and restaurant management program from Northern Arizona University. NAU allows students to switch from another Arizona Community College to transfer up to 75 units of credit into this degree program. This degree program aims to develop hotel and restaurant management content knowledge, analytical/problem-solving skills, communication and leadership skills, critical thinking, professional responsibility, successful adults, and technical skills and knowledge. 

Students can get involved in the hospitality industry by joining one of the school’s eight student clubs focused in this area. Students are also required to take 1,200 supervised internship hours in the hospitality field to be eligible to graduate with the BS in hotel and restaurant management. The liberal arts foundation is underscored by the school requiring that all students in this program take two semester hours of a modern language. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Northern Arizona University here.


Fort Hays State University

Fort Hays State University gives you all the tools you need to be successful as a tourism and hospitality professional with their Bachelor of Science in tourism and hospitality management degree. This degree program has a strong business core curriculum consisting of 24-credit hours of coursework with classes running from accounting to marketing to business law. In total students can expect to take eight business courses in the business core curriculum. 

The tourism and hospitality major consists of 23-credit hours divided into seven courses which include Principles and Practices in Tourism and Hospitality Management, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, Service Operations Management, International Hospitality: Problems and Planning, Tourism and Hospitality Industry Internship, Sustainable Tourism and Events, and Beginning Spanish II for Tourism and Hospitality. If you decide to choose this program you’ll also be required to take 12-credit hours of required electives and three classes that comprise the general education cognates. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Fort Hays State University here.


Missouri State University

If you decide to attend and are accepted into Missouri State University you’ll have the opportunity to pursue either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in hospitality leadership. The Bachelor of Applied Science program is more tailored to students with an Associate of Applied Science in this field or culinary arts, but both the BS and the BAS program prepare students for management positions upon graduation. 

The good news about the BS program is that since 2018 the degree credit requirement has been reduced from 125 credits to the typical 120-credit hours of coursework required by most educational institutions. Students who enroll in this university are required to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. To receive their diploma students will have to complete a public affairs capstone course and a university exit examination. The taking and passing with a 70% or better of the Missouri Higher Education Civics Achievement Examination is required for graduation when enrolling at Missouri State University. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Missouri State University here.

University of Missouri

University of Missouri

The Bachelor of Science in hospitality management (BS) from the University of Missouri is a reasonably priced degree program at just over $25,500 for transfer students who need 70-credit hours or less to complete their degree. Those who are starting as freshmen can expect to pay just over $43,000 for their degree. The degree is 120-credit hours in total and can be completed entirely online without ever having to visit their Columbia, Missouri main campus. The core coursework covers topics such as Hospitality Law, HR Management, Professional Development, and Sales and Marketing. 

This degree program may be particularly suited to Missouri residents who have graduated from a Missouri community college or are veterans, active duty service members, Reservists, National Guardsmen, and military spouses or dependents. All of these groups qualify for a 10% reduction in tuition through either a Mizzou Online Community College Award or a Mizzou Online Military Tuition Award. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at University of Missouri here.


Arizona State University

Prospective students will find that Arizona State University comes in near the top of their lists if they are looking for a bachelor’s program with more of an emphasis on business, while also concentrating their studies in tourism. ASU offers students their Bachelor of Arts in business with a concentration in tourism composed of 41 classes equaling 120-credit hours of coursework. The degree is offered by the prestigious AACSB-accredited W. P. Carey School of Business, known for producing top-notch businessmen and women. 

Students are required to take Marketing and Business Performance; Global Supply Operations; Organization and Management Leadership; Fundamental of Finance; Cultural Diversity, Global Awareness, and Historic Awareness courses; Business Law and Ethics for Managers; and the Tourism Concentration Elective to graduate with this degree. Students will also be expected to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater while earning their bachelor’s degree. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Arizona State University here.


University of Massachusetts – Amherst

The Bachelor of Science in hospitality and tourism management from the University of Massachusetts – Amherst distinguishes itself from the pack as its one of the oldest hospitality programs on the globe and is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA). The degree is offered through the Isenberg School of Management who develops their core curriculum to teach students core skills in economics, business probability, marketing, statistics, and corporate finance. 

The hospitality and tourism management major consist of 19 credit hours of coursework composed of eight classes included in which is a hospitality practicum that gives students the opportunity to get work experience in their future career. Around a dozen general education courses are required to ensure that all the students that graduate from this program have a well-rounded education with a variety of skills that can be utilized in many kinds of jobs. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at University of Massachusetts – Amherst here.


Troy University

Troy, Alabama is where Troy University’s main campus is located, but students don’t have to worry about making the trek out there while pursuing the bachelor’s degree in hospitality, sport and tourism management with a concentration in hospitality management as the degree can be completed entirely from your home desk. The hospitality, sport, and tourism management major is composed of 51 credit hours of coursework and the hospitality management concentration will require the completion of an additional 27 credit hours.

The hospitality management concentration consists of classes such as Introduction to Tourism Management, Introduction to Hospitality Management, Hospitality and Tourism Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Financial Management, Festivals and Special Events, Working in Tourism, and Sustainable Tourism, among other courses. Students work closely and are mentored by Troy faculty throughout the program and develop a personal relationship with each student. This close relationship with the faculty can help in a variety of situations and settings both while enrolled at Troy University and after graduation when working in the field. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Troy University here.

Eastern New Mexico

Eastern New Mexico University

As the second-lowest bachelor’s degree tuition rates in New Mexico, Eastern New Mexico University provides one of the best bangs for your buck especially when considering the high-quality education you’ll be receiving. If choosing this school you’ll be working toward a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in hospitality management through Blackboard, the school’s online learning platform. If you’re someone who likes seeing the information presented by a lecturer then you’ll be happy to find out that the lectures are recorded and available for online students to watch at their convenience. 

Eastern New Mexico University is dedicated to their students’ success which is why they created the Online Writing Center (OWL) specifically for their online students. They also have tutoring services available among other resources that can help ease the journey of earning your bachelor’s degree. The program also allows students to choose an emphasis in applied economics and finance, general business, hospitality management, information systems, marketing, or personal finance planning. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Eastern New Mexico University here.

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global offers an Associate of Applied Science in business administration with the ability to choose a concentration in customer service, hospitality management, retail management, and meeting and event planning among many others. The wide variety of concentrations associated with travel and tourism allows students the ability to focus their studies on precisely what they want to do upon graduation. The business major is composed of 60 credit hours of coursework, while four courses or 20 credit hours make up each concentration area. 

The entire Associates of Applied Science in business administration is 90 quarter hours of coursework. To graduate with the AAS in business administration students must complete either an internship or a capstone in management. Students can explore other areas of interest throughout the program through the 15-quarter hours dedicated to open electives. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Purdue University Global here.

University of Alabama

The University of Alabama

The Bachelor of Science in hospitality management from the University of Alabama is one of the best hospitality management programs available and it’s not just us who think so—TheBestSchools.org ranked this program in the top ten in the nation in 2019. This program has just about everything you could ask for: a reputable school name to back up the degree, affordable tuition at $375 per credit hour, and the ability to complete this degree from anywhere. 

This degree program requires 50 hours of General Education courses and just under 50 hours of hospitality management courses. The remaining credit hours are electives for a total program length of 120 credit hours. Students who enroll in this program are expected to complete a 500-hour internship. The school offers numerous scholarships that are available to online students that can help you graduate with fewer student loans. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at The University of Alabama here.

University of South Carolina - Beaufort

University of South Carolina – Beaufort

The Bachelor of Science in hospitality management from the University of South Carolina – Beaufort was created specifically for students who have earned greater than 45 credits from previous college classes. Those who don’t have at least 45 hours will need to look elsewhere as the school does not admit students with less than this number. While the program is 120 credit hours, full-time students can complete the program in as little as two years because of the admission transfer credit requirement. 

This program is focused on promoting and retaining students in the hospitality industry in the state of South Carolina, but if this simply isn’t your future plan don’t worry as you can still earn a degree through this university. The hospitality management major consists of 57 credit hours and the university requires that students maintain a 2.0 or greater GPA throughout their studies.

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at University of South Carolina – Beaufort here.

Madonna University

Madonna University

The majority of the faculty that teach the classes for the Bachelor of Science in hospitality and tourism management have terminal degrees, which means that if you decide to choose Madonna University, you’ll be taught by experts that will teach you the theory you’ll need to see results in the field. The faculty in this program are multidisciplinary and are able to impart knowledge and perspectives from a wide variety of fields. This degree is ACBSP accredited, which will make a statement to future employers when you’re searching for your first job. 

Madonna University allows students to major or minor in hospitality and tourism management with the major consisting of 30 semester hours of coursework and the minor consisting of 21 credit hours. Besides the apparent nine-credit hour difference between the major and minor, students in the major will also participate in an internship and senior seminar. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Madonna University here.

Utah Valley

Utah Valley University

The Woodbury School of Business of Utah Valley University gives you the choice in what you’ll spend your time studying by choosing between the Bachelor of Science in hospitality management or Bachelor of Science in business management with a specialization in hospitality management. While these degrees may on the surface appear similar, they are distinguished by where the student will spend more of his or her time studying either hospitality management or focusing more on foundational business. 

Both of these degree programs are designed to take full-time students eight semesters to complete for a total of 120 credit hours. With the BS in hospitality management, 27 credit hours of coursework are dedicated to hospitality management, six credit hours of which will be spent in an internship. While students are expected to maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA throughout the program they are also required to have at least a 2.5 GPA in all Woodbury School of Business courses to remain in good standing.  

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Utah Valley University here.

University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

The Bachelor of Science in hotel, restaurant, and tourism management (HRTM) offered by the University of Wisconsin is a degree focused on giving you the real-world experiences that will actually be helpful when you graduate. The faculty are seasoned professionals who have worked in the field, so they know what it takes to make it. The curriculum was created to provide students with a broad flexible understanding of hospitality, while also emphasizing management and business skills. 

You won’t have to wait too long to start your educational journey as the school has three start dates each year in the fall, spring, and summer. The school has over 100 agreements with businesses both domestic and international so that students have a wide variety of internships and practical learning experiences in the environment most conducive to their learning. This program has a close extensive network of alumni that may be key to getting your dream job when the time comes. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at University of Wisconsin here.

Cal State East Bay

California State University – East Bay

California State University – East Bay offers a Bachelor of Science in hospitality and tourism that students rave about. The academic staff is also pretty impressive with more than 20 faculty members in the department that strive to make each and every student that walks through their doors successful. If you’re interested in hospitality and tourism, but don’t know if that is what your genuine passion is or if you want to study two different subjects then the hospitality and tourism minor may be the best option for you. 

The hospitality and tourism major is composed of 18 classes, but those that decide to pursue the minor will only take nine classes. Whether you major or minor in hospitality and tourism you’ll be participating in a three to six credit hour internship experience. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at California State University – East Bay here.

Tompkins Cortland

Tompkins Cortland Community College

Freshman and individuals who have not completed an associate degree will find an ideal program in Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Associate of Applied Science in hotel and restaurant management. The college provides an in-depth understanding of restaurant and hospitality management through a unique program in which the college grows its own produce on a farm it owns and delivers the produce to local restaurants. You’ll learn the ins and outs of what it takes to get a seed to produce served on a dinner plate. 

The AAS in hotel and restaurant management is a 62-credit hour program that can be completed in five terms or a little over a year. The cost per academic year for full-time out-of-state students is around $10,200, while New York residents can expect to pay in-state tuition rates that will come in at around half the out-of-state costs. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Tompkins Cortland Community College here.

Robert Morris

Robert Morris University – RMU Online

If your goal is ultimately to pursue your MBA, then Robert Morris University has a program that will really get you excited. This university has created a 4 +1 integrated degree program in which students are able to earn a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in hospitality and tourism management and an MBA in five years. That shaves an entire year off how long it would take you if you were to pursue these degrees separately! 

The Robert Morris University School of Business is accredited by AACSB and students who pursue the BS in business administration may be eligible for the Early Law School Admission Program. The Early Law School Admission Program allows students to complete three years of undergraduate studies and three years of law school to graduate a year earlier. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Robert Morris University – RMU Online here.


SUNY – Delhi

The Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in hotel and restaurant management from SUNY- Delhi distinguishes itself from other programs by its small class sizes coupled with its focus on applied learning. The way the university has been able to cater to the specific online learner needs through the use of degree tracking software, an academic achievement center, and career services software will make it feel like you’re not missing anything by attending on-ground classes. Upon acceptance into the BAA program, each student is assigned a faculty advisor that will help them get to the podium in which they receive their degree. 

The school has an alumni network of more than 30,000 people, so you’re sure to find an opportunity to get a job or at the very least get advice from seasoned professionals. This program requires that applicants have already earned an associate degree while maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA. Those with an associate degree are required to have taken financial accounting, front office management, introduction to hospitality management, hospitality marketing, and lodging accommodations management. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at SUNY – Delhi here.

North Carolina Central University

North Carolina Central University

North Carolina Central University offers a Bachelor of Science in hospitality and tourism administration that is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA), the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB) and the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The program is slightly longer than many of the other programs on this list at 128 credit hours. Students pursuing this degree will take slightly under 60 credit hours of hospitality and tourism required courses. 

Learners will also receive a sound business education with 21-credit hours comprising the core business curriculum. Over the course of four years, students will log 1,000 hours of internship experience completed in two 500 hour blocks. If you’re curious if the extra eight hours is going to tack on more time it’ll take to earn your degree, rest assured, the degree can be completed in four years of full-time study.  

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at North Carolina Central University here.

University of the Southwest

University of the Southwest

The University of the Southwest is a private educational institution dedicated to the principles of flexibility for their students and quality education. The university offers two programs that focus on the hospitality industry. If you have yet to finish your bachelor’s degree then consider pursuing its Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in hospitality management. This curriculum is built on a solid business foundation along with a thorough education in the hospitality sector. You’ll get the attention you need when you need it with their relatively small class sizes and student to teacher ratio of 15:1. 

If graduate school is your next step then you’ll want to check out the university’s MBA with the ability to concentrate on hospitality management. This program is 36 credit hours in length and can be finished in one year by full-time students. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at University of the Southwest here.

Monroe College

Monroe College

Whether you decide to pursue Monroe College’s Associate of Applied Science in hospitality management or its Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in hospitality management you’ll have no doubt that you’re receiving one of the best educations that money can buy. With the BBA program, you can further specialize your focus on either culinary management or tourism and destination management. The core curriculum is aimed to develop accounting, management, and leadership skills in students, as well as specialized knowledge in specific hospitality niches. 

The BBA with a concentration in hospitality management is a 120 credit hour program of which 66 credit hours are dedicated to hospitality-related coursework, while the remaining 54 credits are used to meet general education and elective requirements. Monroe works hard to create relationships with local hotels and food establishments so that its students get internship opportunities at established reputable hospitality businesses. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Monroe College here.

Norfolk State

Norfolk State University

If you’re ready to spend the next four years immersing yourself into Norfolk State University’s Bachelor of Science degree in tourism and hospitality management curriculum it’s sure to change your life for the better. The entire program is 121-credit hours with students scheduled into classes two semesters each academic year. This means that in this program you’ll have the summers off to lay back and catch up on some rest and relaxation. 

Each academic year students will take 30 to 31 credit hours of coursework or around 15 credit hours each semester. So you can expect to be pretty busy taking around five classes each semester. The first year of study is focused on the general academic requirements needed to graduate. Starting the second year students focus increasingly more time on business and hospitality management content. During the fourth year of study, students will start working in the hospitality field to obtain experience for when they graduate. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Norfolk State University here.

Sullivan University

Sullivan University

The Bachelor of Science in hospitality management from Sullivan University focuses on what is going to be really useful once you graduate and tries to cut out what’s not. The school is looking for applicants who have an interest in logistics, customer service, and the production and service of quality and satisfying food and beverages. The school stresses the importance of candidates being able to work cohesively and effectively in teams. The BS degree program is offered in a 48 month program and an accelerated 36 month program. 

This degree program is 180 credit hours in length, which is significantly more credits than are required in other bachelor degree programs. The increased total credit requirement is a testament to the amount of quality useful knowledge you’ll learn during the program because as we mentioned previously Sullivan University focuses its curriculum around the info that’s important once you graduate.

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Sullivan University here.

Devry University

DeVry University

Whether you want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, or technical management, DeVry University allows you to specialize your degree with a concentration in hospitality management. The hospitality management concentration covers topics such as tourism management, customer and personal service, meetings and events management, and foundations of hotel management, among many other topics and skills. 

With the hospitality management focus, you’ll take classes such as Introduction to Hospitality Management, Foundations of Hotel Management, Meeting and Event Management, Restaurant Management, Food Safety and Sanitation, Casino Management, and Tourism Management. The school indicates that you can complete these degrees in as little as two years eight months for full-time students enrolled year-round. If you happen to live in the New York area and think a hybrid program may be more suited to your learning style, these programs can be completed as a hybrid program or entirely online. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at DeVry University here.

Bethune-Cookman University

Bethune-Cookman University

The Bachelor of Science in hospitality management from Bethune-Cookman University is aimed at providing students with the tools to predict industry changes and promoting professionalism for future hospitality management professionals. During this program, students will also learn what it takes to become leaders and remain at the forefront of change. The program is 123 credit hours in duration and students are required to participate in two hospitality internship placements before graduating. 

Students will pick a concentration in event and entertainment management or culinary innovations and food service management after enrolling in the BS in hospitality management program. The food service management concentration focuses on teaching students how to plan and execute food services while emphasizing cooking theories and principles. Students in the event and entertainment management will take classes such as principles of entertainment management, conference and convention management, and venue management, among other classes. 

Learn more about Accredited Online Programs For Travel And Tourism at Bethune-Cookman University here.

What Kind of Salary Can I Expect After Attending an Online College for Travel and Tourism? 

Sometimes the low pay of a job that we may really enjoy can stop us from pursuing this career, instead choosing a less fulfilling career with better pay. Well for the most part you’re not going to have this problem in the travel and tourism industry as there are jobs that range from minimal compensation to high compensation. 

The travel and tourism industry encompasses many different kinds of jobs and locations. Many individuals who decide to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in travel and tourism are likely wanting to pursue a management position, which often is accompanied by increasingly large salaries. The careers we are going to be discussing are by no means the entirety of all the jobs available but are talked about to give you, the reader, an idea of what you may want to consider doing upon graduating with your degree.  

Becoming a food service manager may be a good career to investigate if you enjoy planning and coordinating departments that serve food and beverages. Only 18% of individuals who are currently working as a food service manager have some college, while the majority have completed high school or its equivalent. This means that earning your degree could give you an advantage when applying for jobs. Foodservice managers can expect to earn a median income of around $55,000 per year. 

If the foodservice industry doesn’t call to you, no worries. You may be interested in pursuing a career as a lodging manager, who goes by many names such as resort manager, among others. As you may deduce from the title, lodging managers are responsible for the management of various types of lodging and accommodations. The majority (72%) of lodging managers have reached at least the educational level of a bachelor’s degree. You can expect to take home a decent salary of just under $55,000 per year if you choose this career. If money is important to you, become a gaming manager or a casino supervisor who can expect to earn around $75,000 annually. 

Finally, take some time to explore becoming a general and operations manager, who can work in a variety of settings, but essentially is responsible for the operation and financial success of a business or organization. Only around 30% of individuals working as a general and operations manager have a bachelor’s degree, while another 34% have some college experience or have completed high school or its equivalent. General and operations managers earn a robust salary on average of just over $100,000 annually. 

What Requirements Will You Need to Meet in Order to Apply and Be Accepted Into a College for Travel and Tourism? 

We have to keep in mind that colleges can have different admission requirements, but it is possible to set out a list of common requirements that many of the colleges are going to have for those wishing to enroll in their program. The requirements are also going to be fundamentally different depending on the type of degree you’re looking to pursue such as an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree. 

For those wanting to enroll in an associate program, the school will likely not require that you have a specific amount of college credits to transfer into the program. Bachelor’s degree programs may or may not require that applicants have already earned an associate degree, while master’s degree programs almost always require applicants to have completed a bachelor’s prior to enrollment into their program. 

Many colleges require that prospective students submit three references, which are used to verify the integrity of the person and to gauge the likelihood that they will be successful in their program. If you have attended college in your past and have earned college credit, you’ll be asked to submit official college transcripts of previous academic work. 

Most schools, no matter which degree level, will want proof of proficiency in reading, speaking, and writing English. This requirement ensures that students enrolled in the program are able to comprehend and learn the material presented. Be sure to inquire into the specific admission requirement of the program you end up wanting to pursue to ensure that you’re not delayed because parts of the admission packet are missing or not completed.  

If you’re interested in pursuing higher education, then you should check out The Top 15 Accredited Online Accounting College Degree Programs and The Top 30 Easy Accredited Online Master’s Degrees