AOC online associate's degree

An associate’s degree takes about two years to earn. It can help to get you ready for a good career. It can also give you a great start on a four-year degree.

The 30 cheapest online associate’s degrees include associate of arts and associate of science options. There are also associate of applied sciences degrees. Each option is offered in many subjects to fit your goals.

An Associate’s Degree Gets You Ready for Higher Degrees

An affordable online associate’s degree is the first step toward a higher degree. Two-year degrees usually fulfill general requirements of a bachelor degree program. This is at a lower tuition cost than at four-year universities.

Online associate degree programs include a set of required courses. There are also some elective class credits. These classes are often related to your intended career field. 

A cheap online associates degree will help you fulfill these requirements.

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An Associate’s Degree Can Prepare You for Work

Associate’s degrees in technical areas help you prepare for careers in skilled trades. You can finish a degree program in about four semesters of full-time school. This usually takes two years.

With one of the most affordable accredited online associate’s degrees, you can earn a valuable college degree online. You can do so on your schedule, too!

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What Are the Best Online Associate Degrees?

The best type of affordable online associate degree for you depends on many factors. These include your needs, interests, and skills.

Look at the career potential in the field you are considering. When choosing a college, consider the school’s accreditations for its degree programs. Also think about the quality of the faculty. Also consider the courses offered in affordable online associate degree programs.

You should compare the costs of tuition to similar schools. We can help you find the cheapest associate degree online. The schools in our rankings offer some of the cheapest associate online degree programs.

Accredited Online College uses the most recent data from the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. Each program has individual scores. It’s then compared to all other universities offering that degree. From that, we get a final score. Each ranking lists those scores.

Accredited Online College considers several factors. We look at the affordability and student-to-faculty ratio. We also check the number of programs offered on-campus. The number of online courses is taken into account, too.

While we list the cheapest online college associates degree options, we want you to get a good education as well!

To learn more, visit our methodology page. 

Check out these cheapest online associate’s degrees!

1. Holmes Community College

Holmes Community College

Earn an affordable associate’s degree from Holmes Community College wherever you are. You can study at home or your local coffee shop.

Degrees offered at Holmes are 100% online. They feature set dates to start and end school. This helps you plan your semester with precision.

Holmes Community College offers flexible class schedules. You get 24/7 access to the online learning portal. You can study full-time or part-time. There are rapid courses, too. These classes have four- and eight-week options. These options make Holmes a great place to get the easiest associate degree.

Degree choices cover many associate of arts and associate of applied sciences programs. Examples include:

  • paralegal technology
  • medical billing and coding
  • medical office technology

Consider checking out the associate degree programs from this top-ranked community college. A cheap online associate’s degree from Holmes Community College can be a great way to increase your career options.

Learn more about Associate’s Degree Programs at Holmes Community College here.

2. East Mississippi State College

East Mississippi State College

With cheap online classes from East Mississippi State College’s eLearning Department, you can start learning now.

Many students have family and work duties that keep them from meeting a regular college class schedule. If that’s you, studying online is an ideal solution. This helps you fit the work of earning a college degree into a busy life already in progress. 

Online classes at East Mississippi Community College meet top accreditation standards. In fact, they meet the same standards as on-campus classes. The difference is that you get the flexibility to explore affordable online associate degrees on your schedule.

Learn more about Cheapest Online Associate Degree Programs at East Mississippi Community College here.

3. Barton County Community College

Barton Community College

Barton County Community College got its start more than 40 years ago. Its main campus is near Great Bend, Kansas. You’ll find general courses for new college students and returning adult learners there.

For more than 20 years, BARTonline has offered a virtual campus. It has great online education courses.

The school offers the same learning opportunities to distance learners as on-campus students. This is done with cheap online classes so you can get an associate’s degree.

Barton is a member of the American Association of Colleges. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Barton County Community College is a great option for taking an online course or earn a cheapest online associate degree.

Learn more about Cheapest Online Associate Degrees at Barton County Community College here.

4. Allen County Community College

Allen Community College

Allen County Community College helps thousands of students reach their goals. Allen offers the same quality education to students wherever they may be. This is done with completely online classes

A wide range of general courses is available online. These courses are the same as the on-campus options. They give you a solid base that transfers to a four-year college.

Allen offers access to easy associate degrees. There are associate of arts and associate of science degree programs. Both programs feature 15 degree tracks. Additionally, there are associate of applied science programs with nine degree options.

In student surveys, 90% of learners report that online courses at Allen are challenging. More than 90% of Allen students say they recommend online classes. Allen can help you find the path to your career and life goals.

Online associate’s degree options at Allen County Community College include:

  • Agribusiness
  • Biology- Pre-Medicine
  • Chemistry
  • Criminal Justice
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmacy Technician

Learn more about Accredited Online Associate’s Degrees at Allen County Community College here.

5. Laramie County Community College

Laramie Community College

Online learning at Laramie County Community College provides the flexibility to take courses from anywhere. You just need internet!

Qualified faculty teach all online courses and degree programs at this community college.

Most online classes at Laramie County Community College don’t require you to visit campus. However, they do involve weekly deadlines.

There are many factors to consider when deciding if easy associate degrees online are right for you. Think about work and family duties. Also consider your time management abilities. What is your record of success with keeping yourself on schedule with classes?

Laramie County Community College offers affordable online associate degrees such as:

  • Agriculture Business
  • Animal Science
  • Business and Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Data Analytics

Learn more about Accredited Online Associate’s Degrees at Laramie County Community College here.

6. Clovis Community College

Clovis Community College

Clovis Community College serves new college students. Adults returning to higher education are also students. Even career professionals seeking technical skills come to Clovis.

Clovis helps keep a college education accessible from its main campus in New Mexico.

The online platform provides flexibility for distance-learning students like you. At the same time, the school provides you with lots of learning opportunities. Clovis Community College gives students a chance to fit higher education into a busy life schedule.

Clovis offers affordable accredited online associate’s degrees in various fields. You might major in computer information systems or criminal justice. Early childhood education and liberal arts are other options for your cheap associates degree online.

Learn more about Online Associate’s Degrees at Clovis Community College here.

7. Albany Technical College

Albany Technical

Albany Technical College has 60 years of experience in higher education. The school’s mission is to provide an education to students in the seven counties around Albany, GA.

Albany is a public two-year college. It features top educators in their fields.

There are many online learning opportunities for busy adults in Albany Tech’s Distance Learning Program. Online learning is ideal for students who need a quality education but can’t afford to halt job or family responsibilities in the process.

Learn more about Online Associate’s Degrees at Albany Technical College here.

8. Great Basin College

Great Basin College

Great Basin College is a leader in distance-education delivery. It offers various accredited associate’s degrees that you can earn completely online. GBC distance learning works on your schedule. There is no set daily class routine for cheap associates degree online classes here. 

You can earn either an associate of applied science or an associate of arts. It takes about two years of school work on a flexible schedule.

An accredited online degree from GBC prepares you to transfer to a four-year program. You can also enter the workforce with improved technical skills.

Learn more about Online Associate Degree Programs at Great Basin College here.

9. Southeast Community College Online


At Southeast Community College Online, you can take the free Readiness Index for Learning Online. This helps you understand whether distance learning is right for you.

SCC Online offers the same courses that are on campus. Remote learners have access to various services to make the higher education more successful. This includes:

  • advising
  • tutoring
  • the Library Resource Center

SCC Online serves the needs of students that want flexible schedules combined with challenging courses. These courses follow the same calendar as the on-campus classes.

There are more than 300 classes available online every term. Some programs are 100% online. Others blend remote learning with in-person classes. Either way, you can find the easiest associate degree to get at SCC.

Learn more about Online Associates Degree Programs at Southeast Community College here.

10. Arkansas Northeastern College

Arkansas Northeastern College

Arkansas Northeastern College values the dignity of each individual. ANC has study opportunities for those who are unable to physically attend classes. Online learning helps you pursue your educational goals.

There are programs designed to transfer to four-year universities. This includes a variety of cheap and accredited online associate’s degrees.

ANC provides a relevant and useful education that can work with your schedule. There is likely an online class program in your subject area that can fit your life demands.

If you want a degree in business, an online associates degree can be completed 100% through distance learning.

Learn more about Affordable Online Associates Degree Programs at Arkansas Northeastern College here.

11. San Juan College

San Juan College

This school came from small beginnings as a New Mexico State University branch. It began with just 25 students. Since then, San Juan College has become one of the largest two-year community colleges. Current enrollment totals more than 15,000 students. The main campus is in Farmington. There are three regional campuses, too. 

If you attend San Juan, you will get a valuable, practical education. The school is proud to give students the same learning opportunities online who need flexibility in their school schedule. Students here can select from among hundreds of two-year degree programs. No matter which degree you choose, you’ll benefit from the school’s mission to “educate and empower individuals to thrive in an ever-changing world.”

If a degree in business is what you are after, check out the business associate’s degrees at San Juan.

Learn more about this Affordable Online Associate’s at San Juan College here.

12. Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson Community College has a reputation for educational excellence that spans 90 years. The college has grown from a classic “junior college” to become a full-service community college.

Nearly 5,000 students attend Hutchinson every semester. HutchCC has grown from its campus in Hutchinson, KS, to serve the world with online learning opportunities.

Students at HutchCC can choose to pursue an affordable, accredited online associate’s degree in one of dozens of available areas. You can even choose specialty areas designed to help prepare you for transfer to a four-year college.

What’s more, HutchCC offers even more career and technical options for those wanting to further their careers.

Learn more about Online Associate Degree Programs at Hutchinson Community College here.

13. Luna Community College

Luna Community College

Luna Community College is the only college in northeastern New Mexico. It is known for its good classes and teachers.

LCC offers options for students who wish to pursue a more flexible schedule toward an online associate’s degree. Only the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration is available fully online. All other LCC programs have some emphasis on learning on campus. 

Students have the option to pursue nearly half of the remaining courses online. These classes come via the school’s advanced Learning Management System. Classes here are transmitted “live” over the internet. You can explore classes later, too.

Learn more about Online Associate Degrees at Luna Community College here.

14. Cochise County Community College

Cochise County Community College

Cochise County Community College has several education centers across Arizona. There is a virtual campus that serves students with remote learning, too.

Cochise College has nurtured a reputation for outstanding educational opportunities. This comes with academic excellence as well. You will find that you get personal guidance on your path to an associate’s degree.

With remote learning available, you can get an affordable online associate’s degree on a flexible schedule. You can study from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Learn more about Online Associate Degree Programs at Cochise County Community College here.

15. Broward College Online

Broward College Online

Broward College Online offers affordable associate’s degree programs. You can study areas that are relevant to jobs that are in demand today.

With BC Online, students with busy schedules and life commitments can have education come to them. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

There are more than 70 online programs available through BC Online. You get 24/7 access to courses and college services. Students also save over $5 million in textbook costs.

At around $100 per credit hour, the associates degree online cost at BC is low. In fact, BC Online degrees are some of the most affordable higher education options in Florida and beyond.

Learn more about Online Associate Degree Programs at Broward College here.

16. Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Georgia Piedmont Technical College

Georgia Piedmont Technical College has deep roots in the community. The school dates back to 1961. It’s among the most admired of the state’s 22 technical colleges.

This school is known for student-centered educational opportunities. Georgia Piedmont Tech allows you to get the skills and education you need to get a good job. The skills you learn here will also benefit the larger community. 

There are five technical schools. This includes programs in:

  • The arts and sciences
  • Business and computer information systems
  • Industrial technologies
  • Public safety
  • Legal studies

Georgia Piedmont Technical College is one of only two technical colleges in the state to offer an American Bar Association-approved program of paralegal studies.

Affordable and accredited online degrees at Georgia Piedmont Tech let you gain the education and training you need to take your life and career to the next level.

Learn more about Online Associate Degree Programs at Georgia Piedmont Technical College here.

17. Oconee Fall Line Technical College

Oconee Fall Line Technical College

Oconee Fall Line Technical College has many job-prep programs. The school helps you gain the hands-on knowledge, skills, and expertise you will need to succeed.

Online study options include associate of applied science degrees in useful career fields like:

  • accounting
  • business technology
  • computer support systems
  • criminal justice technology

At OFTC, you study on your own schedule. You complete exercises and assignments like your peers in class. You also develop the skills needed to succeed in higher education and in a career.

School takes work and time. However, many busy adults with family and career responsibilities need the flexibility to get things done. You can plan out the hours per week that it will take to pursue a college degree based on your schedule.

Learn more about Online Associate Degree Programs at Oconee Fall Line Technical College here.

18. Lone Star College System

Lone Star College System

Lone Star College System offers 20 fully online degree programs. Many students never have to step onto a college campus again!

These affordable and accessible online degrees from Lone Star College-Online come in different forms. The college offers choices of fully online and hybrid programs. There are also stand-alone online classes. These different formats help you achieve your goals in higher education.

This college has more than 87,000 alumni as of the Fall of 2019. Lone Star College makes higher education possible with tuition that is lower than many other Texas institutions of higher learning

Learn more about an Online Associate Degree at Lone Star College System here.

19. Northeast Community College

Northeast Community College

Northeast Community College is in Norfolk, NE. However, many students take courses at Northeast Community College Online to get the education they seek.

This school is known for its innovative style of higher education. NCC has educational and industry experts who guide students’ education toward advanced degrees or into careers.

NCC offers courses and degrees online. This includes an Associate of Applied Science in Business. There is also an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice. This degree comes with either a Corrections or Law Enforcement focus. Having these options allows you to align your education with your career goals.

Learn more about an Online Associate Degree at Northeast Community College here.

20. Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College

Alvin Community College serves a district of over 400 square miles in Brazoria County, Texas. This area is famous for its numerous bayous, rivers, and lakes.

On 113 acres of land between Highway 35 and Mustang Road in Alvin, Texas, 16 buildings form the main campus of Alvin Community College. 

If you want to learn from wherever you are, Alvin offers three degree programs that are available completely online. You can pursue accredited associate’s degree programs in:

  • management
  • psychology
  • sociology

Since these programs are online, you can access them from anywhere. You just need a computer, an internet connection, and the required browser and software.

Learn more about Associate Degree Programs at Alvin Community College here.

21. Western Iowa Tech Community College

Western Iowa

Many associate’s degrees are offered online at Western Iowa Tech Community College. Among these options include:

  • accounting
  • agribusiness technology
  • video game design

Classes focus on skills and knowledge that can put you in the lead for jobs in your field. Online learning at WITCC gives you the option to fit the requirements of the course into your life. This way, you don’t have to be on the school’s class schedule.

Is online education is for you? Check out the online orientation course at Western Iowa Tech. It’s an introduction to distance learning. The orientation helps you figure out what type of education fits your needs and style best.

You can choose from fully online classes in an eight-, 12-, or 16-week format. There are also hybrid courses. These classes combine online learning with classroom experience. This gives you more flexibility in the use of your time.

Learn more about Associate Degree Programs at Western Iowa Tech Community College here.

22. Atlanta Technical College

Atlanta Technical College

Atlanta Technical College combines outstanding staff and leading learning technologies. This combination results in online courses made to fit the needs of every student.

ATC knows that modern responsibilities of family, work, and distance from campus don’t have to stop you from pursuing your goals in education. So, classes at ATC are offered online in various ways.

Some courses feature a hybrid format. Other classes are fully online. You might also benefit from web-enhanced learning. This type of learning lets you go deeper into a subject on your own. Using ATC’s innovative learning platform, you can gain additional experience and knowledge.

Learn more about an Online Associate Degree at Atlanta Technical College here.

23. Clark College

Clark College

Clark College has offered higher education opportunities since 1933. It serves the people of Clark, Skamania, and Klickitat counties in southeastern Washington.

An average of 76% of students are first-generation college students. Because of this, Clark College is known for offering a chance to build a strong future. More than 10,000 credit-seeking college students enroll at Clark each year. 

At Clark College, you have access to online accredited associate’s degrees. With eLearning at Clark, you have access to the same great courses taught by skilled faculty on campus. 

The goal of the faculty and staff at Clark College is to share in your challenges and successes. Best of all? An affordable, accredited online associate’s degree from Clark College can open career doors for you.

Learn more about Online Associate’s Degrees at Clark College here.

24. Amarillo College

Amarillo College

The mission of Amarillo College is to serve and strengthen the community of Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle region. This provides learners a path to educational resources and opportunities.

Amarillo College is committed to its students throughout their educational careers. The college provides resources, support, and the success skills needed to earn a college degree.

There are eight accredited online associate’s degree programs at Amarillo College. No matter which degree you pursue, the college gives you its commitment to educational access. Amarillo College has you covered if you need the convenience and flexibility of a completely online course schedule.

You can choose from degrees including criminal justice, secondary education, and business management. In each instance, you have the same challenging and rigorous learning experience as with classes offered on campus.

Learn more about Associate Degree Programs at Amarillo College here.

25. Highland Community College

Highland Community College

Highland Community College has five campuses. Education is within reach of cities such as Topeka and Lawrence. Smaller communities in northeast Kansas benefit as well. From a simple start as the first college in Kansas, HCC has grown into today’s dynamic institution of higher education.

HCC has consistently provided northeast Kansas with excellence in higher education. Now those same educational opportunities are within reach online. From a single college class to an affordable associate’s degree program, HCC has what you need to advance your education.

If you want to finish a degree, take a class that isn’t available elsewhere, or need the flexibility of online learning, HCC Online may be the answer.

Learn more about Associate Degree Programs at Highland Community College here.

26. Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College

Central Wyoming College’s main campus is in Riverton, Wyoming, in the heart of the Cowboy State.

There are many online learning courses at Central Wyoming College. These classes provide the same type of learning as the physical classes on campus. Of course, online learning is streamlined and more flexible for modern life.

Just as in traditional classes, success in online learning courses requires effort. It takes self-discipline and time to succeed in your efforts as well.

You should have a schedule of three to 12 hours per week, per class in an online program.

Some of the completely online associate’s programs at CWC include:

  • An AAS in Technical Studies – Entrepreneurship
  • Meta Major in Social Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Management

Learn more about this cheapest Online Associate’s Degree at Central Wyoming College here.

27. North Dakota State College of Science

North Dakota State College of Science

North Dakota State College of Science has online associate’s degrees that are affordable and accredited. These degrees give you the knowledge you need to enter the workforce.

For example, you get the chance to participate in the Science of Success process. 

Here, expert instructors focus on real-world skills and training. This is taken into account when designing courses and curricula.

But not all students can be on campus or study according to the school’s class schedule. So, NDSCS Online gives you options that can fit your schedule.

You have the choice to pursue an entire associate’s degree program online. You can also take various general education classes. Online program advisors guide you. They will help you decide what learning style is ideal for you to focus on possible careers.

Online programs include:

  • Paramedic Technology
  • Practical Nursing
  • Pharmacy Technician

Learn more about Online Associate’s Degrees at North Dakota State College of Science here.

28. Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College

Washtenaw Community College started in 1965. Since then, it has become one of the country’s premier community colleges. There are 18,000 students enrolled each year.

This college has more than 25 online programs. Washtenaw Community College will help you prepare for a degree in:

  • Digital media arts
  • Information technology
  • Occupational studies

Get an affordable and accredited online degree. It will prepare you for a higher degree and move you closer to your career dreams. An affordable online associate’s degree from Washtenaw Community College can be yours, on your schedule, and your terms.

Other online programs include:

  • Technical Communication
  • Secondary Education
  • Accounting

Learn more about this Online Associates Degree at Washtenaw Community College here.

29. Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College

Western Nevada College has offered quality education at an affordable cost since 1971. In the decades since then, the school’s added new campuses. It now offers courses to students everywhere, with affordable online associate’s degrees.

Students at WNC thrive in the stimulating learning environment. Leading faculty teach classes with a small number of students. Faculty are proud of their reputation for challenging, rigorous, and personal instruction. 

With online programs, the dream of an affordable accredited associate’s degree is a step closer to being achieved.

Online programs include:

  • Accounting
  • International Business
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Journalism

Learn more about Accredited Online Associate’s Degrees at Western Nevada College here.

30. Ogeechee Technical College

Ogeechee Technical College

Ogeechee Technical College began just 33 years ago. In that time, it has helped thousands of graduates progress from higher education to productive careers.

OTC offers you the option of taking classes:

  • in a traditional format on campus
  • online
  • hybrid style

Online learning at OTC gives you a lot of flexibility in scheduling coursework.

Earning an online associate’s degree takes time and effort. But with OTC’s Online Learning Site, you choose when and where you focus on schooling.

Online programs include:

  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Criminal Justice
  • Health Information Management Technology
  • Technical Studies

Learn more about Accredited Online Associate’s Degrees at Ogeechee Technical College here.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cheapest Online Associate’s Degree

Is an associate’s degree useful in the real world of careers?

Yes! Many careers start with a two-year degree. These degrees prepare you for work. For example, an Associate’s of Applied Science in Paralegal Technologies leads directly to the workforce. 

Some degree programs focus your studies on earning credits to transfer to a university. But many associate’s degree programs are created with real-world work in mind.

Can I get financial aid for an associate’s degree?

Yes, you can. Most US federal student assistance programs cover the costs of an associate’s degree.

Federal assistance comes in many forms. You can get:

  • grants
  • loans
  • scholarships

In each case, the money can go towards tuition and fees. Other costs of an accredited associate’s degree program are covered as well.

You have to meet certain criteria to get aid. Some financial aid considers your grades. Other awards consider your finances. Check with the schools you are interested in and talk with financial aid advisors for more details.

What if I don’t know what I want to study yet?

A two-year associate’s degree may be perfect for you. An accredited Associate of Arts in General Studies is designed to prepare you for a four-year university degree. An affordable associate degree online may be the ideal stepping stone to get you closer to your higher education goals.

As you take more classes, you will probably find that you like some better than others. Once that happens, you can decide what to major in. You can change your major area, too. Part of the college experience is learning who you are. It’s okay if it takes you a little bit of time!

You might go on to get a bachelor’s degree. You might also stick with an online associate degree program consider. Either way, you’re making a smart decision for your future by getting an education.

Is an online associate’s degree as good as one earned on campus?

Yes, in most cases. An accredited online associate’s degree gives you everything you need to succeed. This includes:

  • education
  • training
  • skills

This is true whether you go on to a university or join the workforce after you graduate.

Not every school that offers associate’s degrees online has the same reputation. There are varying levels of accreditation, too. Schools have different degree programs as well. Plan to research the schools that you are considering to learn more.

The schools that have accredited online associate’s degrees have developed the process of teaching college students for many years. The administrators and faculty who design the courses have training in academic methods. This includes remote teaching styles.

Affordable online associate degrees can be a great solution to your busy schedule.

Why should I look for an accredited online associate’s degree?

Accreditation matters in a college degree. First, the accreditation agency reviews the school and its degree programs, classes, and faculty. This happens regularly. The purpose is to ensure clear standards of educational excellence are met. 

Second, accreditation means that credits earned in your online associate’s degree program are more likely to transfer. Not all accreditation is the same, though. Research what accreditations the school has. Also find out if its accreditation is sufficient for transferring credits to another school.

For example, regionally accredited schools often transfer credits to other schools in their region. Credits often transfer between regions, too. It’s harder to transfer credits from a nationally-certified school.

Third, accreditation shows if a college cares about its reputation and its students. Schools that maintain standards that are required by accreditation pay attention to the details. They have proven that they can deliver a sound educational experience.

An affordable online associate degree that is accredited could be the start to a successful career!

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